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A rich site summary (RSS) feature has been added to the site. This consisted checking a few boxes at the Blogger site that ultimately generate an XML summary of the Web log posts. If you click on the link, you may wonder why reading something that looks like raw hypertext is a Good Thing. The real utility comes from syndicating the site material so that it can be used on other sites or aggregated with other news and information (an example of aggregated information can be seen at the left margin of this site under the “MS and Biotech News” – an automatically updated newsfeed from Moreover). If this still doesn’t stir you interest, imagine what it would be like if all scientific journal tables of contents were syndicated and a selected set of recent articles could be linked automatically from a Web site. For example, a proteomics Web site could link to a newsfeed of all the MALDI of glycoproteins papers published in the past month. No cut-and-paste links. No out of date pages. If the Web-logging community can do it, scientific journal publishers can as well.

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A Tag-Board Message Board has been added. The Tagboard is a a piece of Javascript that calls up stored messages from a central Web site. The idea is similar to the Web Log (Blog), except that anyone can post. The result is a sort of message board that visitors to the site can “tag” with a short comment when they visit. Feel free to post or link.

Update: The Tagboard has migrated over to the Chemistry Internship Blog, where it might be more useful.



NOVEMBER 7-8, 2002

Hosted by:

Polymers Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gaithersburg, MD


Scott D. Hanton     Air Products & Chemicals

William E. Wallace  NIST Polymers Division

Charles M. Guttman NIST Polymers Division


Industrial, academic, and government researchers and practitioners interested in the application of mass spectrometry to synthetic polymers and the fundamental aspects of recent developments in the quantitation of these results.


Mass spectrometry is a rapidly evolving measurement technique for synthetic polymers.  It holds the promise of providing the absolute molecular mass distribution as well as quantitative end group, composition, and structural information.  To realize this promise presents challenges to researchers in all fields of polymer characterization.

This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government to present new results, discuss recent trends, and identify important problems in the area of quantitative mass spectrometry of synthetic polymers.  The format for the 1.5-day meeting will be 30-minute talks followed by informal discussion.  Talks will focus on methods of quantitation, including sample preparation, instrumental parameters, data analysis software, and analyte properties.  A special session will be held where workshop participants will be asked to present measurement problems they have encountered in their own work for comment and discussion by the other workshop participants.

Space is limited to 75 attendees.  Early registration is encouraged.  Pre-registration is required.  There is no on-site registration for this workshop.



Contact William Wallace at 301-975-5886 or by email:

Or visit for online registration:


MALDI Sample Preparation – Kevin Owens (Drexel)  

Dry Grinding MALDI Sample Prep – Sarah Trimpin (Oregon State)

Chromatography And MALDI – Franz Mayer-Posner (Bruker)

Laser Ablation (Modeling) – Barbara Garrison (PSU )  

Detector Technology  – Bruce Laprade (Burle Electr-Optc)

Data Handling – Tony Kearsley (NIST )

Truly Monodispersed Polymers – Shinichi Kinugasa (NMIJ , Japan)  

Copolymers (Intact Molecules) – M. Mutaudo (Catania)

Copolymers (PSD ) – Tony Jackson (ICI )


End Groups – Chrys Wesdemiotis (Akron)

This just in from ASMS by broadcast e-mail:

ASMS registration and employment center

50th ASMS Conference

June 2 – 6, 2002

Marriott World Center, Orlando, Florida


Saturday, June 1: 1 – 5 pm

Sunday, June 2: 10 am – 8 pm

Monday – Wednesday: 7:30 am – 5 pm


There will be an on-line employment bureau.

You are encouraged to enter positions and resume

information in advance through the ASMS web site:

Computers will be available to search databases at the conference.

CANDIDATES. If you are seeking a position, BRING at least

20 copies of your resume, in addition to registering on-line. Resumes

should be filed 3 – 7 pm on Sunday, June 2.

Be sure to register on-line BEFORE you arrive at the conference.

EMPLOYERS: You may search the candidate database on-line

and review the full resumes that will be on file.