The 16th International Mass Spectrometry Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, between August 31st and September 5th 2003. That’s still a long way off, but it’s worth bookmarking the 16th IMSC Web page at There’s no link back to the International Mass Spectrometry Society on the page, so here it is: Note that the IMSS site is on a Netherlands server and has a “.nl” rather than a “.com” or “.org” Web address.

Welcome to my mass spectromery Web log or “blog” as they are called. Blogs are Web pages that consist of chronologically arranged lists similar to journal entries or news reports. The purpose of this blog is to record items of interest that I find on the Internet that I think will be of interest to the mass spectrometry community. I do this anyway as editor of Basepeak and the Mass Spectrometry Internet Resources FAQ; I’m hoping that blogging will make this easier. My philosophy from the early days of “Mass Spectrometry on the Internet” has been to try any Internet format and see how it plays with the MS crowd. Some things have worked and some haven’t. We’ll give this a go.