Proteomics portals seem to be sprouting like mushrooms after a Louisiana rain. Here’s one,, with fairly standard, but overall useful, content. It’s also easy to navigate, which rates high in my book. The ‘Patents’ page saves the trouble of IP surfing at the Delphion site. I also like the Proteomicsurf site, especially since it has an MS link, but the background gives me vertigo.

The first Pittcon salvo, the AccuTOF Mass Spectrometer from JEOL:

“The AccuTOF is the first mass spectrometer to enable accurate mass measurement of components at both low and high concentrations. Until now, scientists were limited to working with only a narrow concentration range to obtain an accurate mass measurement. The AccuTOF revolutionizes mass spectrometry with a dynamic range that expands the applications for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological sectors. The AccuTOF completely changes the way mass spectrometry has traditionally been applied to liquid chromatography.”