Brubaker lens

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K. K. Murray, R. K. Boyd, M. N. Eberlin, G. J. Langley, L. Li and Y. Naito, Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, 85, 1515-1609, 10.1351/PAC-REC-06-04-06.

Brubaker lens
Additional set of four short, cylindrical electrodes, mounted co-linearly with a transmission quadrupole mass spectrometer that is excited with some fraction of the AC potential but not the DC potential applied to the main quadrupole. The Brubaker lens thus acts as a high-pass filter for ion m/z, but the resulting delay in application of the DC potential component also results in a reduction in defocusing by fringe fields and thus significantly improves overall ion transmission efficiency at a given mass resolution.
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