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External Links (Advanced Editing Topics)

Creating Tables
Mozilla Mediawiki FAQ

Two Minute Markup Tutorial

To edit a page, click on the Edit tab. Put the text shown in the dotted box below into the edit box. After you hit the Save Page button the corresponding text shown below will be rendered.

'''Bold text using three apostrophes'''

results in

Bold text using three apostrophes

''Italic text using two apostrophes''

results in

Italic text using two apostrophes

== Level 2 Header ==

results in

Level 2 Header

=== Level 3 Header ===

results in

Level 3 Header


results in a "horizontal rule"

[ The CNN Website]

Results in an link to the outside

The CNN Website

[[Internal Link]]

Results in a link to a page on this Wiki (if the page isn't there, clicking will take you to the edit page)

Internal Link

Categories Specific to the MS Terms Wiki

All pages can be put into a category if the following text is included at the bottom of the page:

[[Category:Some Important Things]]

where Some Important Things is the category name. The list of cagegories for the MS terms Wiki is on this page


and an example of a sorted category page is here:


You can link directly to the category listing by including the following anywhere in the page (note the full colon at the left):


Templates Specific to the MS Terms Wiki

If you want the same stuff on different pages, you can use a template. The templates are special Wiki pages and can be edited in the same way. They will also take arguments like subroutines. Here are some templates for this Wiki:


Wiki Variables

The Wiki used by this site has some special variables that depend on the page. The way they are rendered depends on the time, on the project, or on the page in which it occurs. The link below contains a list of variables that can be used in the wikitext.