Higher-energy C-trap dissociation

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Higher-energy C-trap dissociation (HCD)
Higher-energy C-trap dissociation

Higher-energy collisional dissociation

Collision induced dissociation in an Orbitrap mass spectrometer in a collision cell external to the Kingdon trap.

Note: Higher-energy C-trap dissociation typically uses low-energy collision-induced dissociation (collision energy less than 1000 eV).
Related Term(s): collision induced dissociation, C-trap

Olsen, J. V.; Macek, B.; Lange, O.; Makarov, A.; Horning, S.; Mann, M. Higher-Energy C-Trap Dissociation for Peptide Modification Analysis. Nat. Methods 2007, 4, 709-712; http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/pr300257c. .

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