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'''Return to [[Orange Book Chapter 12]]'''
'''Return to [[Orange Book Chapter 12]]'''

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Orange Book


IUPAC. Analytical Division. Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature (the Orange Book). Definitive Rules, 1979.

12.1 Introduction
IUPAC 1997 Orange Book Chapter 12
Index of Orange Book Terms

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Orange Book entry

This chapter contains nomenclature, symbols and definitions of terms from the IUPAC recommendations contained in 'Recommendations for nomenclature and symbolism for mass spectroscopy' prepared for by J. F. Todd on behalf of the Commission on Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy and the Subcommittee on Mass Spectroscopy of the Physical Chemistry Division of IUPAC and published in Pure and Applied Chemistry 63 (1991) 1541-1566. These are supplemented by a small number of terms from : 1) 'Tandem Mass Spectrometry for organic trace analysis' prepared by K. Biemann for the Analytical Chemistry Division (Commission on Microchemical Techniques and Trace Analysis and the Working group on Organic Trace Analysis and published in Pure and Applied Chemistry 65 (1993) 1021-1027 and 2) 'Applications of accelerator mass spectrometry in analysis of trace isotopes and elements' prepared by Liu Yuanfang, Guo Zhiyu, Liu Xinqui, Qu Tong and Xie Jinglin for the Commission on Radiochemistry and Nuclear Techniques of the Analytical Division of IUPAC and published in Pure and Applied Chemistry, 66 (1994) 305-334. Terms are listed alphabetically within each section. Only a few acronyms are recommended and in general invented acronyms and the use of initials to refer to an instrument or system should only be used after precise definition in the text in question. It is also recommended that the use of proper names to refer to an instrument, rule or theory etc should be strictly limited and in this chapter only a few such usages are recommended. Recommended terms are in Bold text. Terms which are part of normal usage are not included.