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;[[:category:Gold Book term|Gold Book terms]]
:Terms from the IUPAC [[Gold Book]]
;[[:category:Orange Book term|Orange Book terms]]
:Terms from the IUPAC [[Orange Book]] (Chapter 12 ''Recommendations for Nomenclature and Symbolism for Mass Spectroscopy '')
;[[:category:PSI|PSI-MS terms]]
:Terms that have links to Proteomics Standards Initiative Mass Spectrometry Workgroup terms
;[[:Category:Deprecated term|Deprecated terms]]
:Terms in common use, but are not compatible with IUPAC recommendations
;[[:Category:Obsolete terms|Obsolete terms]]
:Terms that may be encountered in older literature, but are no longer in use
;[[:Category:Superseded terms|Superseded terms]]
:Terms that can still be found in the literature, but can be expressed more logically in newer terms
;[[:Category:Draft definition|Draft definitions]]
:Terms considered but not included or added after the latest IUPAC recommendations
;[[:Category:Stub|Stub pages]]
:Pages with no definition (but definition might be useful)

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