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Spectrum formed of all product ions produced by gain of a pre-selected neutral mass following ion/molecule reactions with the gas in a collision cell, obtained using a [[constant neutral mass gain scan]].
Spectrum formed of all [[product ion]]s produced by gain of a pre-selected neutral mass following [[ion/molecule reaction]]s with the gas in a [[collision cell]].
Related term: [[constant neutral loss spectrum]], [[constant neutral mass gain spectrum]], [[precursor ion spectrum]], [[product ion spectrum]].
#[[Orange Book]]
#[[Gold Book]]
== See also ==
*[[Fixed Neutral Loss (Gain) Scan]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Gain Scan]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss Scan]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss Spectrum]]
[[Category:Sequential m/z Separation]]
[[Category:Sequential m/z Separation]]
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Constant neutral mass gain spectrum
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