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*[[Charge Permutation Reaction]]
*[[Charge Permutation Reaction]]
*[[Charge Remote Fragmentation]]
*[[Charge Remote Fragmentation]]
*[[Charge Stripping ReactionCharge]]
*[[Charge Stripping Reaction]]
*[[Transfer ReactionChemical Ionization]]
*[[Charge Transfer Reaction]]
*[[Chemical Ionization]]
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*[[Mass Defect]]
*[[Mass Defect]]
*[[Mass Excess]]
*[[Mass Excess]]
[[Mass Limit]]
*[[Mass Limit]]
*[[Mass Number]]
*[[Mass Number]]
*[[Mass Range]]
*[[Mass Range]]
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:[[Charge Number]]
:[[Charge Number]]
= Ion Formation and Reactions =
= Terms Not Recommended =
== Types of Ions ==
*[[Appearance Potential]]
*[[Atomic Mass Unit]] ([[amu]])
*[[Adduct Ion ]]
*[[B/E Linked Scan]]
*[[Aromatic Ion ]]
[[B2/E Linked Scan]]
*[[Anion ]]
*[[B[1-(E/E0)]1/2/E Linked Scan
*[[Analog Ion ]]
*[[Collisionally Activated Dissociation]]
*[[Anti-Aromatic Ion ]]
*[[Cycloidal Mass Spectrometer]]
*[[Cation ]]
*[[Cationized Molecule ]]
*[[Classical Ion ]]
*[[Cluster Ion ]]
*[[Conventional Ion ]]
*[[Diagnostic Ion ]]
*[[Dimeric Ion ]]
*[[Distonic Ion ]]
*[[Enium Ion ]]
*[[Even-Electron Ion ]]
*[[Fragment Ion ]]
*[[Ion ]]
*[[Isotopologue Ion ]]
*[[Isotopomeric Ion ]]
*[[Metastable Ion ]]
*[[Molecular Ion ]]
*[[Negative Ion ]]
*[[Non-Classical Ion ]]
*[[Onium Ion ]]
*[[Odd-Electron Ion ]]
*[[Parent Ion ]]
*[[Positive Ion ]]
*[[Precursor Ion ]]
*[[Principal Ion ]]
*[[Product Ion ]]
*[[Protonated Molecule ]]
*[[Radical Ion ]]
*[[Reference Ion ]]
*[[Stable Ion]]
*[[Unstable Ion ]]
== Ion Formation ==
*[[Adiabatic Ionization ]]
*[[Appearance Energy ]]
*[[Associative Ionization ]]
*[[Atmospheric Pressure Ionization ]]
*[[Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization ]]
*[[Atmospheric Pressure Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization]]
*[[Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization ]]
*[[Autoionization ]]
*[[Charge Exchange Ionization ]]
*[[Chemi-Ionization ]]
*[[Chemical Ionization ]]
*[[Continuous Flow Fast Atom Bombardment]]
*[[Delayed Extraction ]]
*[[Desorption/Ionization On Silicon ]]
*[[Direct Insertion Probe]]
*[[Direct Liquid Introduction]]
*[[Dissociative Ionization ]]
*[[Electron Affinity ]]
*[[Electron Energy ]]
*[[Electron Ionization ]]
*[[Electrospray Ionization ]]
*[[Fast Atom Bombardment ]]
*[[Fast Ion Bombardment]]
*[[Field Desorption ]]
*[[Field Ionization ]]
*[[Flowing Afterglow]]
*[[Glow Discharge Ionization]]
*[[Inductively Coupled Plasma]]
*[[Ion Desolvation ]]
*[[Ion-Pair Formation ]]
*[[Ion Spray ]]
*[[Ionization Cross Section ]]
*[[Ionization Efficiency ]]
*[[Ionization Energy ]]
*[[Laser Activated Microprobe Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Laser Desorption]]
*[[Laser Desorption Ionization ]]
*[[Laser Ionization ]]
*[[Liquid Secondary Ionization ]]
*[[Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization ]]
*[[Membrane Inlet]]
*[[Microelectrospray ]]
*[[Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Multiphoton Ionization ]]
*[[Nanoelectrospray ]]
*[[Negative Ion Chemical Ionization ]]
*[[Penning Ionization ]]
*[[Photoionization ]]
*[[Plasma Desorption Ionization ]]
*[[Pre-Ionization State ]]
*[[Proton Affinity ]]
*[[Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization ]]
*[[Resonance Ionization]]
*[[Secondary Ionization ]]
*[[Soft Ionization ]]
*[[Spark Ionization ]]
*[[Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization ]]
*[[Surface Enhanced Laser Desorption Ionization]]
*[[Surface Enhanced Neat Desorption]]
*[[Surface Ionization ]]
*[[Thermal Ionization ]]
*[[Vertical Ionization ]]
== Ion Reactions ==
*[[Association Reaction ]]
*[[Blackbody Infrared Radiative Dissociation ]]
*[[Buffer Gas]]
*[[Charge Exchange Reaction ]]
*[[Charge-Induced Fragmentation ]]
*[[Charge Inversion Reaction ]]
*[[Charge Permutation Reaction ]]
*[[Charge-Remote Fragmentation ]]
*[[Charge Stripping Reaction ]]
*[[Charge Transfer Reaction ]]
*[[Collisional Activation]]
*[[Collisional Excitation ]]
*[[Collisionally Activated Dissociation ]]
*[[Collision Gas ]]
*[[Collision-Induced Dissociation ]]
*[[Collision Quadrupole]]
*[[Electron Capture Dissociation ]]
*[[Electron-Induced Excitation in Organics]]
*[[Heterolytic Cleavage ]]
*[[High Energy Collision]]
*[[High-Energy Collision-Induced Dissociation ]]
*[[Homolytic Cleavage]]
*[[Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange ]]
*[[Ion Energy Loss Spectrum]]
*[[Ionizing Collision ]]
*[[Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry]]
*[[Ion/Molecule Reaction ]]
*[[Ion/Neutral Complex ]]
*[[Ion/Neutral Species Reaction ]]
*[[Ion/Neutral Species Exchange Reaction ]]
*[[Inductive Cleavage ]]
*[[Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation ]]
*[[Kinetic Method ]]
*[[Low Energy Collision]]s
*[[Low-Energy Collision-Induced Dissociation ]]
*[[McLafferty Rearrangement ]]
*[[Momentum Transfer Collision ]]
*[[Multiphoton Dissociation]]
*[[Partial Charge Exchange Reaction ]]
*[[Partial Charge Transfer Reaction ]]
*[[Photodissociation ]]
*[[Post-Source Decay ]]
*[[Selected Ion Flow Tube]]
*[[Superelastic Collision]]
*[[Surface-Induced Dissociation ]]
*[[Surface-Induced Reaction ]]
*[[Sustained Off-Resonance Irradiation ]]
*[[Unimolecular Dissociation ]]
= Ion Separation and Detection =
==  Mass Analyzers ==
*[[Accelerator Mass Spectrometry ]]
*[[Cyclotron ]]
*[[Double-focusing Mass Spectrometer ]]
*[[Electrostatic Energy Analyzer]]
*[[Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer]]
*[[High-field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry]]
*[[Hybrid Mass Spectrometer ]]
*[[Ion Trap]]
*[[Linear Ion Trap]]
*[[Mass Spectrograph ]]
*[[Mass Spectrometer ]]
*[[Mass Spectrometry ]]
*[[Mass Spectrometry/mass Spectrometry MS/MS]]
*[[Mass Spectrum ]]
*[[Mass Spectroscopy ]]
*[[Mattauch-Herzog Geometry ]]
*[[Nier-Johnson Geometry ]]
*[[Paul Ion Trap]]
*[[Prolate Trochoidal Mass Spectrometer]]
*[[Quadrupole Ion Storage Trap]]
*[[Quadrupole Ion Trap]]
*[[Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer]]
*[[Residual Gas Analyzer]]
*[[Sector Mass Spectrometer ]]
*[[Stored Waveform Inverse Fourier Transform]]
*[[Tandem Mass Spectrometer]]
*[[Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer ]]
*[[Transmission Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer]]
== ''m/z'' Separation Methods ==
*[[Accelerating Voltage ]]
*[[Cyclotron Motion ]]
*[[Cylindrical Ion Trap]]
*[[Cylindrical Ion Trap]]
*[[Delayed Extraction ]]
*[[Daughter Ion]]
*[[Dynamic Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Einzel Lens ]]
*[[Electric Field Strength ]]
*[[Field Free Region ]]
*[[First Stability Region ]]
*[[Fringing Field ]]
*[[Ion Gate]]
*[[Ion Mobility Spectrometry]]
*[[Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Kinetic Energy Analyzer ]]
*[[Kinetic Energy Release ]]
*[[Kinetic Energy Release Distribution]]
*[[Mass Analyzed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry]]
*[[Mass Limit ]]
*[[Mass Range ]]
*[[Mass Resolution ]]
*[[Resolving Power (Mass) ]]
*[[Mass Limit ]]
*[[Mass Selective Axial Ejection ]]
*[[Mass Selective Instability ]]
*[[Mathieu Stability Diagram ]]
*[[Orthogonal Extraction ]]
*[[Reflectron ]]
*[[Reflectron, Curved Field ]]
*[[Reflectron, Gridless ]]
*[[Reflectron, Quadratic Field ]]
*[[Resonance Ion Ejection ]]
*[[Selected Ion Monitoring]]
*[[Space Charge Effect ]]
*[[Stability Diagram ]]
*[[Static Field ]]
*[[Time Lag Focusing ]]
== Sequential ''m/z'' Separation Methods ==
*[[2E Mass Spectrum]]
*[[Charge Inversion Mass Spectrum]]
*[[Constant Neutral Loss Scan]] 
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Gain Scan]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Gain Spectrum]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss]]
*[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss Spectrum]]
*[[Consecutive Reaction Monitoring]]
*[[Daughter Ion ]]
*[[Daughter Ion Scan]]
*[[Daughter Ion Scan]]
*[[Daughter Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Daughter Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Direct Analysis of Daughter Ions]]
*[[Direct Analysis of Daughter Ions]] ([[DADI]])
*[[E/2 Mass Spectrum]]
*[[E2/V Linked Scan]]
*[[Fixed Precursor Ion Scan]]
*[[Electron Impact Ionization]]
*[[Fixed Product Ion Scan]]
*[[Field Desorption/Ionization]]
*[[Granddaughter Ion]]
*[[Fragment Ion Scan]]
*[[Grandparent Ion]]
*[[Fragment Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Linked Scan]]
*[[Granddaughter ion]]
*[[Linked Scan at Constant B/E  ]]
*[[Grandparent ion]]
*[[Linked Scan at Constant E2/V ]]
*[[Ion-Ion Reaction]]
*[[Linked Scan at Constant B2/E ]]
*[[Ion-Molecule Reaction]]
*[[Linked scan At Constant B(1-(E/E0))1/2/E ]]
*[[Mass Spectroscopy]]
*[[Mass Spectrometry/mass Spectrometry MS/MS]]
*[[Mass-to-Charge Ratio]]
*[[Mass-Analysed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry]]
*[[Molecular Weight]]
*[[MS/MS Spectrum  ]]
*[[MS/MS Spectrum]]
*[[MS/MS in Time]]
*[[.Multiple Reaction Monitoring]]
*[[MS/MS in Space]]
*[[Multiple Reaction Monitoring]]
*[[Multiple Stage Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Neutral Loss]]
*[[Neutralization Reionization Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Nth Generation Product Ion ]]
*[[Nth Generation Product Ion Scan]]
*[[Nth Generation Product Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Parent Ion]]
*[[Parent Ion]]
*[[Parent Ion Scan]]  
*[[Parent Ion Scan]]
*[[Parent Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Parent Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Precursor Ion ]]
*[[Photon Impact]]
*[[Precursor Ion Scan]]
*[[Protonated Molecular Ion]]
*[[Precursor Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Pseudo-Molecular Ion]]  
*[[Product Ion ]]
*[[Quasi-Molecular Ion]]
*[[Product Ion Scan ]]
*[[Product Ion Spectrum]]
*[[Progeny Fragment Ions ]]
*[[Selected Reaction Monitoring]]
*[[Tandem Mass Spectrometry]]
*[[Tandem MS In Time]]
*[[Tandem MS In Space]]
== Detectors ==
*[[Array Collector]]
*[[Conversion Dynode]]
*[[Daly Detector]]
*[[Electron Multiplier]]
*[[Faraday Cup]]
*[[Focal Plane Collector]]
*[[Ion-To-Photon Detector]]
*[[Micro-Channel Plate]]
*[[Multiple Ion Detection]]
*[[Point Collector]]
*[[Postacceleration Detector]]
*[[Secondary Electron]]
*[[Total Ion Current]]

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