Laser ambient ionization

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Table of laser-based ambient ionization techniques

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Schematic of laser-based ambient ionization
Acronym Technique Laser Ionization Unique feature(s) Reference
AP-MALDI atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization UV
Direct No matrix with IR (2000)
CALDI Charge assisted laser desorption/ionization UV (337 nm) Chemical ionization Pulsed corona discharge (2008)
ELDI Electrospray laser desorption ionization UV
Electrospray Matrix or no-matrix versions (2007)
HALDI High-voltage-assisted laser desorption ionization near-IR (1064 nm) Droplet evaporation Liquid sample (2013)
IR-LAMICI Infrared laser ablation metastable-induced chemical ionization IR (2940 nm) Chemical ionization Glow discharge (2010)
LADESI Laser assisted desorption electrospray ionization IR Electrospray (2008)
LAESI Laser ablation electrospray ionization IR Electrospray Commercial product (2007)
LA-FAPA Laser ablation flowing atmospheric pressure afterglow UV Chemical ionization Afterglow (2008)
LA-ICP Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma UV, IR, ns, fs Charge transfer ionization, Penning ionization, etc. Inductively coupled plasma (1985)
LDAPCI Laser desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization IR Chemical ionization (2002)
LDESI Laser desorption electrospray ionization IR Electrospray (2007) ASMS MP006
LDI Laser desorption ionization IR, UV Direct Ambient LDI

Same as IR AP-MALDI with endogenous matrix

LDSPI Laser desorption spray post-ionization near-IR (1064 nm) Electrospray Intended as umbrella term for ELDI, IR-LADESI, LAESI and MALDESI etc. (2010)
LEMS Laser electrospray mass spectrometry near-IR Electrospray non-resonant fs laser (2009)
LIAD-ESI Laser-induced acoustic desorption-electrospray ionization Laser Electrospray Transmission mode foil target (2009)
LSI Laser spray ionization Laser Direct Transmission or reflection mode (2009)
MALDESI Matrix-assisted laser desorption electrospray ionization IR, UV Electrospray Matrix used with UV laser
IR can use endogenous matrix
SPAMS Single-particle aerosol mass spectrometry UV Direct Aerosol particle LDI (2009)