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[[Category:M/z Separation]]
[[Category:M/z Separation]]
[[Category:Orange book term]]
[[Category:Orange Book term]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Nier-Johnson Geometry}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Nier-Johnson Geometry}}

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Orange Book


IUPAC. Analytical Division. Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature (the Orange Book). Definitive Rules, 1979.

Nier-Johnson geometry

An arrangement for a double-focusing mass spectrometer in which a deflection of π/2 radians in a radial electrostatic field analyser is followed by a magnetic deflection of π/3 radians. The electrostatic analyser uses a symmetrical object-image arrangement and the magnetic analyser is used asymmetrically.

IUPAC 1997 Orange Book Chapter 12
Index of Orange Book Terms

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