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== Fundamentals ==
== Fundamentals ==
=== Basic Definitions ===
=== [[TG General Terms]] ===
[[Accelerator Mass Spectrometry]] (remove)
[[Adiabatic Ionization]] (remove)
[[Accuracy (see Mass Accuracy)]] (remove)
[[Accurate Mass]]
[[Average Mass]]
[[Appearance Energy]]
[[Associative Ionization]] (remove)
[[Auto-Ionization]] (remove)
[[Atomic Mass Unit (u or Da)]]
[[Base Peak]]
[[Background Noise]]
[[Background Subtraction]]
[[Background Subtracted Mass Spectrum]]
[[Charge Deconvolution (multiply to singly charged ions)]]
[[Charge Number (z)]]
[[Charge Splitting]]
[[Chemical Noise]]
[[Combined Mass Spectrometry]]
[[Delayed Extraction]]
[[Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields]] (remove)
[[Double-focusing Mass Spectrograph]] (remove)
[[Double-focusing Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Dynamic Fields Mass Mpectrometer]] (remove)
[[Electric Sector]] (remove)
[[Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Hybrid Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Ion Cyclotron Resonance (ICR) Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Ion Trap]] (remove)
[[Ion Aceleration]]
[[Ion Detection]]
[[Ion Gate]]
[[Ion Trapping]]
[[Ionization Cross Section]]
[[Ion Cyclotron Ressonance]]
[[Ionization Efficiency]]
[[Ionization Energy ]]
[[Charge Exchange (Charge Transfer) Ionization]] (remove)
[[Chemi-Ionization]] (remove)
[[Chemical Ionization]] (remove)
[[Charge Exchange]]
[[Charge Transfer]]
[[Charge Partitioning]]
[[Charge Stripping]]
[[Charge Inversion (types of reactions) ?]]
[[Collision(al) Activation]]
[[Dissociative Ionization]] (remove)
[[Electron Affinity]]
[[Electron Capture]]
[[Electron Energy]]
[[Electron Transfer ]]
[[Fast Atom Bombardment Ionization]] (remove)
[[Field Desorption]] (remove)
[[Field Ionization]] (remove)
[[Hydrib Mass Spectrometry]]
[[Hyphenated Mass Spectrometry]]
[[Ion-Pair Formation]] (remove)
[[Ionic Dissociation]] (remove)
[[Ion Activation]]
[[Ion Dissociation]]
[[Isomeric Ion/Isobaric Ion (really needed?)]]
[[Ion Connectivity (sequence of atoms)]]
[[Ion Cooling (See Ion Quenching)]]
[[Ion Fragmentation (see Ion Dissociation)]]
[[Ion-Molecule Reactions]]
[[Ion Quenching]]
[[Ion Structure (in MS it often means ion connectivity)]]
[[Isotope Cluster]]
[[Isotope Deconvolution]]
[[Mass/Charge Ratio  (Th, never use Da, no units?. An ion of m/z or an ion at m/z?)]]
[[Magnetic Deflection]] (remove)
[[Magnetic Field]] (remove)
[[Magnetic Sector]] (remove)
[[Mass Analysis]]
[[Mass Number (m)]]
[[Mass Accuracy]]
[[Mass Error]]
[[Mass Scan]]
[[Mass Spectrograph]] (remove)
[[Mass Spectrometer]]
[[Mass Spectrometer Operating on the Linear Accelerator Principle]] (remove)
[[Mass Spectrometry (The best definition of MS when can propose)]]
[[Mass Spectrometry/mass Spectrometry MS/MS]]
[[Mass Spectrum]]
[[Molecular Mass]]
[[Monoisotopic Mass]]
[[Most Abundant Mass]]
[[MS abbreviation (correct use)]]
[[Multiple-Stage mass Spectrometry  MSn]]
[[The m/z unit (Th or unitless?)]]
[[Mass Spectroscope]] (remove)
[[Mass Spectroscopy]] (remove)
[[Mattauch-Herzog Geometry]] (remove)
[[Nier-Johnson Geometry]] (remove)
[[Laser Ionization]] (remove)
[[Multi-Photon Ionization]] (remove)
[[Negative Ion Chemical Ionization]] (remove)
[[Nominal Mass]]
[[Peaks (difference between an ion and a peak, peak intensity versus ion abundance)]]
[[Penning Ionization]] (remove)
[[Photo-Ionization]] (remove)
[[Plasma Desorption (Fission Fragment) Ionization]] (remove)
[[Pre-Ionization State]] (remove)
[[Prolate Trochoidal Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Quadrupole Ion Storage Trap (Quistor)]] (remove)
[[Quadrupole Mass Analyser]] (remove)
[[Single-focusing Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Static Fields Mass Spectometer]] (remove)
[[Tandem Mass Spectrometer]] (remove)
[[Tandem Mass Spectrometry]]
[[Time-of-flight Mass Mpectrometer]] (remove)
[[Post-Source Decay]]
[[Proton Affinity]]
[[Proton transfer/ Proton Abstraction (types of reactions ?)]]
[[Spark Ionization]] (remove)
[[Surface Ionization]] (remove)
[[Thermal Ionization]] (remove)
[[Vertical Ionization]] (remove)
[[Sequential Mass Spectrometry (see Tandem MS and Multiple-stage MS)]]
[[Radical (not to be confused with groups or substituents)]]
[[Recombination Energy]]
[[Relative Abundance]]
[[Resolving Power]]
[[X, [X + 1], [X + 2] Elements]]
=== Types of ions ===
=== Types of ions ===

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