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=== [[TG Sequential m/z Separation|Sequential m/z Separation]] ===
=== [[TG Sequential m/z Separation|Sequential m/z Separation]] ===
[[Tandem MS]]
[[Precursor Ion Spectrum]]
[[Product Ion Spectrum]]
[[Nth Generation Product Ion Spectrum]]
[[Daughter Ion Spectrum]]
[[Parent Ion Spectrum]]
[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss Spectrum]]
[[Constant Neutral Mass Gain Spectrum]]
[[Precursor Ion Scan]]
[[Product Ion Scan]]
[[Nth Generation Product Ion Scan]]
[[Daughter Ion Scan]]
[[Parent Ion Scan]]
[[Constant Neutral Mass Loss Scan]]
[[Constant Neutral Mass Gain Scan]]
[[Mass-Analysed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry]] (MIKES)
[[Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry]] (IKES)
[[Direct Analysis of Daughter Ions]] (DADI)
[[Multiple Reaction Monitoring]] (MRM)
[[Selected Reaction Monitoring]] (SRM)
[[Metastable Ion]]
[[Field Free Region]] (FFR)
[[Collision-Induced Dissociation]] (CID)
[[Collisionally Activated Disociation]] (CAD)
[[Collisional Activation]]
[[Linked Scan]]
[[B/E Linked Scan]]
[[B2/E Linked Scan]]
[[E2/V Linked Scan]]
[[Sustained Off-Resonance Irradiation]] (SORI)
[[Electron Capture Dissociation]] (ECD)
IRMPD ([[Infrared Multi-Photon Dissociation]])
=== [TG Detectors|Detectors] ===
=== [TG Detectors|Detectors] ===
[[Electron Multiplier]]
[[Conversion Dynode]]
[[Faraday Cup]]
[[Daly Detector]]
[[MCP (Micro-Channel Plate)]]
[[Post-Acceleration Detector (PAD)]]
[[Photographic Plate]]
[[Detection Limit]]
== [[TG Data Processing|Data Processing]] ==
== [[TG Data Processing|Data Processing]] ==

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