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Types of ions

Basic Definitions

Processes & Techniques

Ion Formation

Ion Reactions

m/z Separation

Accelerating Voltage

Cyclotron Motion

Delayed Extraction

Einzel Lens

Electric Field Strength

Field Free Region

First Stability Region

Fringing Field

Ion Gate (Mass Gate)

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy Analyzer

Kinetic Energy Release

Magnetic Deflection

Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetron Motion

Mass Analyzed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry, MIKES

Mass Limit

Mass Range

Mass Resolution

Mass Resolving Power

Mass Selective Axial Ejection

Mass Selective Instability

Mathieu Equation

Momentum Analyzer

Orthogonal Extraction

Quadrupole Field


Reflectron, Curved Field

Reflectron, Gridless

Reflectron, Quadratic Field

Resonance Ion Ejection

Space Charge Effect

Stability Diagram

Static Field

Time Lag Focusing



Array Detector (PATRIC)

Channel Electron Particle Multiplier

Dynode, Continuous

Dynode, Conversion

Daly Detector

Detector Gain

Dynode, Discrete

Ion-To-Photon Detector

Photoelectric Effect

Photographic Plate Recording

Postacceleration Detector

Secondary Electron Emission

Secondary Ion Emission


Total Ion Current


Ion Sources

Sample introduction

M/z separation methods

Sequential m/z separation


Data Processing