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(For old terms, see Orange Book Chapter 12)


General Terms

Types of Ions

Processes & Techniques

Ion Formation

Ion Reactions

m/z Separation



Ion Sources

Sample Introduction

m/z Separation Methods

Sequential m/z Separation


Tandem MS


Precursor Ion Spectrum

Product Ion Spectrum

Nth Generation Product Ion Spectrum

Daughter Ion Spectrum

Parent Ion Spectrum

Constant Neutral Mass Loss Spectrum

Constant Neutral Mass Gain Spectrum

Precursor Ion Scan

Product Ion Scan

Nth Generation Product Ion Scan

Daughter Ion Scan

Parent Ion Scan

Constant Neutral Mass Loss Scan

Constant Neutral Mass Gain Scan

Mass-Analysed Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry (MIKES)

Ion Kinetic Energy Spectrometry (IKES)

Direct Analysis of Daughter Ions (DADI)

Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)

Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM)

Metastable Ion

Field Free Region (FFR)

Collision-Induced Dissociation (CID)

Collisionally Activated Disociation (CAD)

Collisional Activation

Linked Scan

B/E Linked Scan

B2/E Linked Scan

E2/V Linked Scan

Sustained Off-Resonance Irradiation (SORI)

Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD)

IRMPD (Infrared Multi-Photon Dissociation)

[TG Detectors|Detectors]

Electron Multiplier



Conversion Dynode

Faraday Cup

Daly Detector

MCP (Micro-Channel Plate)

Post-Acceleration Detector (PAD)

Photographic Plate


Detection Limit

Data Processing