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#REDIRECT [[resolving power]]
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[[ASMS Terms and Definitions Poster]] has "mass resolving power - m/Dmx, where Dmx is the mass resolution "
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It should be noted that since Resolving Power is dimensionless, a specified mass/charge value should always be referenced for a given Resolving Power, i.e.- 5,000 Resolving Power for m/z 500. This allows for extrapolation across a broad mass range, such as the over all range of the MS instrument.
== [[ASMS Terms and Definitions Poster]] Entry ==
Resolution of the Confusion on Peak Separation
Mass resolving power and mass resolution have been used interchangeably throughout the literature, so the confusion surrounding their exact meaning is understandable.  In his forthcoming book, "Guide to Mass Spectrometry," Ken Busch advocates definitions that are consistent these proposed terminologies for mass resolution and mass resolving power.  In most disciplines, resolution is understood to be the smallest observable change in a quantity, whereas resolving power, i.e. the ability to distinguish two closely spaced quantities, is inversely proportional to resolution.
Proposed definitions:
mass resolution
See Usage Note for mass resolving power and theoretical mass resolving power
mass resolving power
See Usage Note for theoretical mass resolving power
Usage note:  Although the definition of mass resolution is contingent upon two adjacent, mass spectral peaks of equal size and shape, which is almost never the case experimentally, it is acceptable to calculate the mass resolving power
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