K.R. Lykke, K.K. Murray, W.C. Lineberger, “Threshold photodetachment of Hโˆ’,” Phys. Rev. A. 43 (1991) 6104โ€“6107. doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.43.6104.


A 100 cm-1 scan of the H cross section with a fit to the E3/2 threshold law.

The electron affinities of atomic hydrogen and deuterium have been determined by tunable-laser threshold-photodetachment spectroscopy: the electron affinities of H (F=0) and D (F=1/2) are 6082.99ยฑ0.15 and 6086.2ยฑ0.6ย cmโˆ’1, respectively. The value for H is a 20-fold improvement over previous experimental determinations.