Murray Group Presentations
MOG 03:10pm
Deep-ultraviolet Laser Ablation Sampling for Mass Spectrometry
Remilekun O. Lawal; Fabrizio Donnarumma; Kermit K. Murray

WOG 03:30pm

Charge Production by Sublimation of Organic Compounds in Matrix Assisted Ionization
Bijay Banstola; Kermit K. Murray

MP 765
Cellular Precision for Infrared Laser Ablation Tissue Microproteomics
Chao Dong; Fabrizio Donnarumma; Kelin Wang; Kermit K. Murray

TP 266

Forensic Sampling Using Nanoparticle Extraction and Capture
Jamira A Stephenson; Fabrizio Donnaruma; Kermit K Murray

TP 362

Optimizing Tissue Ablation for Mass Spectrometry Imaging Using Light Scattering
Achala P Deenamulla Kankanamalage; Fabrizio Donnaruma; Kermit K Murray

WP 433

Software for Automated Laser Ablation and Capture from Tissue Sections
Fabrizio Donnarumma; Touradj Solouki; Kermit K Murray

WP 518
Simultaneous Extraction of Proteins, Lipids, and Metabolites for Integrated-omics Approaches for Low Tissue Sampling Volumes
Luke T. Richardson; Amy N. W. Schnelle; Fabrizio Donnaruma; Michael E. Pettit;

ThP 050

Two-Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Kelcey B. Hines; Remilekun O. Lawal; Fabrizio Donnarumma; Kermit K. Murray

ThP 124
Influence of Traumatic Brain Injury on Bile Acid Profiles in the Brains of Rats
Amy N. W. Schnelle; Luke T. Richardson; Fabrizio Donnaruma; Ashok K. Shetty; Kermit K Murray; Touradj Solouki

ThP 413

MALDI-directed Region Selection for Laser Ablation Tissue Microsampling
Kelin Wang; Fabrizio Donnarumma; Michael Pettit; Touradj Solouki; Kermit K. Murray