Murray Kermit, K., Donnarumma, F., & Stephenson, J. (2022). US Patent No. US 11371913 B2.

The present disclosure provides for sampling instruments and methods of collecting sample particles. The sampling instrument can include a high-pressure pulsed valve coupled to a gas flow system to displace a sample from a surface. Also included can be a voltage supply coupled to a voltage switch, a suction device, a sample collector, and a collection filter. To collect a sample, extractive particles can be deposited onto a sample present on a substrate. At least a portion of the sample becomes coupled to a portion of the extractive particles to form sample particles. High-pressure gas can be discharged at the sample, thereby aerosolizing a portion of the sample particles to disperse aerosolized sample particles. A portion of the aerosolized sample particles can be collected onto a collection filter to form a collected sample.