Photoelectron spectroscopy of halocarbene anions

K.K. Murray, D.G. Leopold, T.M. Miller, W.C. Lineberger, Photoelectron spectroscopy of the halocarbene anions HCF−, HCCl−, HCBr−, HCI−, CF2−, and CCl2−, J. Chem Phys, 89 (1988) 5442-5453; doi: 10.1063/1.455596 Abstract The 488 nm photoelectron spectra are reported for the HCX(X̃1A’)+e−←HCX−(X̃2A‘) and HCX(ã3A‘)+e−←HCX−(X̃2A‘) transitions in HCF−, DCF−, HCCl−, HCBr−, and HCI− and for the CX2(X̃1A1)+e−←CX−2(X̃2B1) transitions […]