Tip-enhanced laser ablation crater in anthracene
Tip-enhanced laser ablation crater in anthracene a) AFM image, b) depth profile, and c) 3-D view

We are combining atomic force microscopy (AFM) with near-field tip-enhanced laser ablation for sub-micrometer sampling from cells and tissue. This approach has applications in single cell bioanalysis by mass spectrometry and genomic sequencing.

Recent News

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2018 Spring ACS: Tip-enhanced Laser Ablation Capture for Single Cell Genomics

Wavelength Dependent Atomic Force Microscope Tip-enhanced Laser Ablation

SciX 2016: Atomic Force Microscope Near-field Laser Ablation Sampling for Proteomics and Genomics

High Resolution Laser Mass Spectrometry Bioimaging


Conference Presentations

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