RNA Sampling from Tissue Sections using Infrared Laser Ablation
RNA Sampling from Tissue Sections using Infrared Laser Ablation

When a pulsed laser hits a material, it can remove molecules (desorption) or particles of material (ablation) and can create ions through a number of different mechanisms. All of these can be used for mass spectrometry. Some of the projects described below use infrared lasers, which are useful for mass spectrometry due to their efficient material removal and the ability to tune the material removal by changing the laser wavelength.

Infrared laser ablation with a reflective objective

In mass spectrometry, lasers are typically used to create ions directly, but they can also be used to remove small quantities of material. This allows additional sample processing steps (for example the separation of complex mixtures) to take place before the ions are formed. With laser ablation sample transfer (LAST), the laser ablates material from the sample, which is captured in a solvent or on a target. Further processing by liquid chromatography is performed before ions are formed for mass spectrometry analysis.

Recent Results

ASMS 2022: Laser Ablation and Capture for Native Spectrometry

Infrared Laser Ablation Microsampling with a Reflective Objective

ASMS 2021: Laser Ablation Sampling for Localized Protein Analysis of Mice Exposed to Blast Shock Waves

Deep-ultraviolet laser ablation sampling for proteomic analysis of tissue

Spatially resolved analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm proteomes measured by laser ablation sample transfer

MALDI imaging directed laser ablation tissue microsampling for data independent acquisition proteomics

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Imaging and Laser Ablation Sampling for Analysis of Fungicide Distribution in Apples

ASMS 2019: Cellular Precision for Infrared Laser Ablation Tissue Microproteomics

ASMS 2019: Deep-ultraviolet Laser Ablation Sampling for Mass Spectrometry

Deep‐ultraviolet laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

RNA Sampling from Tissue Sections using Infrared Laser Ablation

IMSC 2018: Infrared Laser Ablation Microsampling Coupled with MALDI Imaging


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