Murray Group research is aimed at instrument development for mass spectrometry using laser desorption and ablation with applications to biological imaging and separations coupled to mass spectrometry for complex mixture analysis. Our research interests range from exploring the fundamental processes of laser desorption to biological applications.

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Waters Synapt Instrument Funded

ASMS 2022: Laser Ablation and Capture for Native Spectrometry

ASMS 2022: Forensic Sampling using Selective Extraction and Capture

ASMS 2022: Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Ablation with a Solid State Laser

ASMS 2022: Resolution and Resolving Power Terminology in Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2022: Laser Energy Stabilization for MS Imaging by Piezoelectric Transduction

ASMS 2022: Metaproteomics of the Honeybee Gut

Infrared Laser Ablation Microsampling with a Reflective Objective

ASMS 2021: Matrix Sublimation and Rehydration Chamber for Solvent-based Contrast MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2021: Laser Energy Stabilization for Mass Spectrometry Imaging

ASMS 2021: MALDI Imaging Using GUMBOS Matrices with Tunable Hydrophobicity

ASMS 2021: Arson Forensic Sampling using Nanoparticle Extraction and Capture

ASMS 2021: Laser Ablation Sampling for Localized Protein Analysis of Mice Exposed to Blast Shock Waves

Deep-ultraviolet laser ablation sampling for proteomic analysis of tissue

Multimodal Labelโ€Free Monitoring of Adipogenic Stem Cell Differentiation Using Endogenous Optical Biomarkers

Spatially resolved analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm proteomes measured by laser ablation sample transfer

Lasers for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization

In defense of the quasimolecular ion

Honey Bee Proteome Responses to Plant and Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) Diets

Label-free lipidome study of PVT of rat brain with post-traumatic stress injury by Raman imaging

Wavelength-Dependent Tip-Enhanced Laser Ablation of Organic Dyes

Sublimation Electrification of Organic Compounds

MALDI imaging directed laser ablation tissue microsampling for data independent acquisition proteomics

Opotek Customer Spotlight