LSUAM Science - Department of Chemistry - Associate - Research 5

The Louisiana State University Department of Chemistry is offering a position as Research Associate in the Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF), which is located on the LSU main campus in Baton Rouge. The MSF is a core facility that serves all researchers and student of the LSU system as well as partners in the academia and the private sector both in Louisiana as well as in other states. The MSF is staffed by two research associates, and further staffed with graduate and undergraduate students that perform duties in the core facilities as instrument assistants. The facility maintains 5 mass spectrometers: An Agilent 6230 ESI TOF, an Agilent 5977 GC-MS, a Bruker MALDI UltrafleXtreme, a Bruker amaZon Ion Trap and Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive. The facility is equipped to perform most sample preparation techniques in many โ€œ-omicsโ€ fields as well as in organic chemistry and polymer science. The position will focus on operation of the ESI TOF and GC-MS instruments, and the RA5 will be trained in operation of the additional mass spectrometers present in the facility and the associated equipment. The RA5 will receive training in various sample preparation techniques. The candidate will report to the facility senior personnel, and will communicate directly with users about their projects, samples, and data analysis.