ASMS 2022: Laser Ablation and Capture for Native Spectrometry

ASMS 2022: Forensic Sampling using Selective Extraction and Capture

ASMS 2022: Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Ablation with a Solid State Laser

ASMS 2022: Resolution and Resolving Power Terminology in Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2022: Laser Energy Stabilization for MS Imaging by Piezoelectric Transduction

ASMS 2022: Metaproteomics of the Honeybee Gut

ASMS 2021: Matrix Sublimation and Rehydration Chamber for Solvent-based Contrast MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2021: Laser Energy Stabilization for Mass Spectrometry Imaging

ASMS 2021: MALDI Imaging Using GUMBOS Matrices with Tunable Hydrophobicity

ASMS 2021: Arson Forensic Sampling using Nanoparticle Extraction and Capture

ASMS 2021: Laser Ablation Sampling for Localized Protein Analysis of Mice Exposed to Blast Shock Waves

ASMS 2019: Deep-ultraviolet Laser Ablation Sampling for Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2019: Cellular Precision for Infrared Laser Ablation Tissue Microproteomics

ASMS 2019: Deep-ultraviolet Laser Ablation Sampling for Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2019: Charge Production by Sublimation of Organic Compounds in Matrix Assisted Ionization

ASMS 2019

IMSC 2018: Infrared Laser Ablation Microsampling Coupled with MALDI Imaging

IMSC 2018: Combined Infrared and Ultraviolet Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2018: MALDI Imaging and Laser Ablation Sampling for Analysis of Fungicide Distribution in Apples

ASMS 2018: Proteomic Analysis of FFPE Tissue Using Laser Ablation Sampling

ASMS 2018: Piezoelectric Driven Matrix-assisted Ionization

ASMS 2018: MALDI MSI Directed Laser Ablation Tissue Microsampling with DIA Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2018: Droplet Capture Tip-enhanced Laser Ablation Sampling for Mass Spectrometry

ASMS 2018: Forensic Sampling Using Gas-pulse Displacement and Vacuum Capture

ASMS 2018: Two-laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

ASMS 2018: MALDI Imaging of Multiply Charged Ions from Tissue using a Nanoparticle Co-matrix

ASMS 2018: IR Laser Ablation MS with a Schwarzschild Reflective Objective

2018 Spring ACS: Development of an Infrared Laser Ablation Microsampling System

2018 Spring ACS: Tip-enhanced Laser Ablation Capture for Single Cell Genomics

ASMS 2017

MALDI: Past and Future: ASMS Tutorial 2017

SciX 2016: Atomic Force Microscope Near-field Laser Ablation Sampling for Proteomics and Genomics

ASMS 2016: Laser Ablation Sample Transfer with Vacuum Capture for Forensic Evidence Sampling

ASMS 2016: MALDI Directed Infrared Laser Ablation Sample Transfer for Spatially Resolved Biomolecule Analysis

ASMS 2016: Systematic Assessment of Surfactants for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/ Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Final Report on the IUPAC Recommendation on Definitions of Terms Relating To Mass Spectrometry

Is Wikipedia the Public Face of Mass Spectrometry?

Mass Spectrometry on Wikipedia: Open Source and Peer Review

ASMS 2007: Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization